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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by Meticode
I'm curious what they do now during FA. I'd take a chance on Oden as long as he shows he's fully healthy. If he's healthy seemingly give it a go, if his knees buckle it was a minimum risk. Oden's still 25 years old. Last month his workout buddy from Ohio State Deshaun Thomas said he's lifting weights and running and looks good. Grant it, it's probably biased towards him, but he said he looks like he's doing all the right things right now to get back in shape for a comeback. The biased word he used was "unbelievable" on how Oden looked last month.

I agree! Len had a broken foot and he's a puss pie. Noel, knee or not, 206 lbs. take seven feet 270 and give it a go. They feel like they have him locked, Bennett isn't a bad fit. Could have gone Porter or VO but no way I'd draft a center with Oden looming
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