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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Just got home and, wow... What can I say? Just when I think I have Grant figured out, he throws another curveball. Thompson and Waiters were both very good picks in retrospect, imo, so I go back and look at what both guys (and Kyrie) had in common. Great analytics.

So, obviously, if he played the analytics card to really guide him through the last two drafts, obviously the first pick would be Noel or Porter, two guys who shined in that criteria in every table I saw... And two guys who were consensus Top 3 picks by just about everyone.

Had to be one of those guys, right? Wrong.

I can't say I hate the pick. I was dead set against Len and I wanted nothing to do with McLemore. Bennett was somewhere between the guys I wanted (Noel/Porter) and the guys I absolutely didn't want (Len/McLemore).

I would have absolutely no problem with this pick if it made sense in terms of the roster. Can Bennett play the 3? Maybe in spurts, but certainly not in a fulltime capacity. He looks all the world to be a PF to me.

That means Tristan, who really was one of the most improved players in the league last year, is going to be playing more at center than PF? Or, will he be coming off the bench? Or, will our No. 1 pick be coming off the bench? Or, is Tristan being moved?

All questions I'd like answers to. One thing Grant did say in his presser tonight was that, while he can play the 3 in certain lineups, Bennett is a power forward... Which is what we all thought.

So, what gives with this roster?

Was Bennett so far and away the best prospect according to what they saw that they felt they had to take him despite needs? I'm assuming that must have been the case. If so, it is hard to argue with. You don't look back 10 years from now at a draft and say, "Man, that guy was clearly the best player in the draft, but they already had a good player in that position."

I've taken a closer look at his tape in the last two hours and there is no denying his offensive talent/skill. The guy has all the tools on that side of the floor to be a real impact player. I guess Mike Brown must feel like he can turn any player into a solid defender, because he really is atrocious both in man and on help. He showed flashes at UNLV of being able to block shots and create turnovers, but most of the time, he looked disinterested.

I'm figuring Brown is confident he can work on that, but having a great motor is hard to teach.

I don't know... Mixed feelings tonight. I feel like we missed an opportunity to draft a once in a generation defensive talent, but with Noel slipping all the way to 7th, I guess I have to defer to the experts on this one. They must know something I don't.

Can't say I'm completely disappointed in this pick. I would have been with Len/McLemore, so things could have been worse.

And, I love the Sergie Karasev pick. Rumor was the Cavs were actually trying to move up to #13 to be sure that they got him. Turned out, he fell right in our laps at 19.

I'm not going to sit here and complain about a core of...

Kyrie Irving
Dion Waiters
Sergie Karasev
Anthony Bennett
Tristan Thompson / Tyler Zeller

That could be an explosive offensive team in time. I just have my fingers crossed that Grant didn't get too cute when the obvious pick was the right one.
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