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Default Re: I'm fukkin done with the Cavaliers!!

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
He better have a great work ethic to lose those 20 pounds he's gained so far this offseason...maybe more if the Cavs want him to be a combo forward because he won't be quick enough at 240 to play SF at all. I agree that he's a good shooter and all that but I've been saying weeks leading up to the draft that he reminds me of Rodney Rogers to a tee. Same size, same skill set but Bennett is more athletic.

Rogers Freshman Year @ Wake Forest
16.3 PPG
7.9 RPG
1.5 APG
1.8 SPG
0.6 BPG
57% FG
29% 3PT (Got it to 36% in his Junior season)
67% FT

Anthony Bennett Freshman Year @ UNLV
16.1 PPG
8.1 RPG
1.0 APG
0.7 SPG
1.2 BPG
53% FG%
38% 3PT
70% FT

I stand pat on my Rodney Rogers comparison
You want your first overall pick to be about as good as Rodney rogers

Hopefully your later first round pick becomes the next bobby Simmons. You guys are going places
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