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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by MMKM
Cleveland can offer Oden a bigger contract, which according to reports, they are prepared to do. (2 years above vet minimum with 3rd year option) I think at this point Cleveland is the front runner and Miami is a close second. But I think that Cleveland not drafting a center is an indicator that they are pretty confident they have Oden in the bag. I think they might know something we don't know
Do you think a franchise can afford to count on Greg Oden at this point in his career? He's a low risk/high reward gamble, but not someone you plan for as a core piece of the future.

I'm all for giving him a shot, but you don't pass on certain guys at No. 1 in this draft with the assumption, "Don't worry, we'll have Oden!" I would be shocked if he factored into the decision at all. That isn't to say the draft won't turn out well for them or that signing Oden isn't a good idea... You just can't count on someone in his position.
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