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Default Re: Kings aggressively trying to move up in the draft. Hoping to get McLemore

Originally Posted by Levity
I like that line up. Kings really lucked out big time.
no shoot. They've got steals in the last few drafts, on a talent level at least (though even before they drafted Cousins, I wanted them to get Favors or Monroe...I didn't like Cousins' attitude. Now look at him...). Now if they can make it all fit!

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Move Tyreke to SF (basically run the point a bit) to play a similar role to LBJ, resign Tony Douglas to play D and shoot 3's like Chalmers and get Ben Mclemore to play SG like Ray Ray, Kings don't have to let Reke go. Start Patterson to spread the floor with Mc, Tony D and Reke and Cousins get heaps of room to operate.

That teams perimeter athletic ability would be crazy,

PG: Toney D
SG: Ben Mac
SF: Reke
PF: Patterson
C: Cousins

Imo that line up would work Toney D, Mac & Patterson are players who play well without the ball, Cousins and Reke play well with it no need to give up on Reke just yet.

Just trade Jimmer and something else for a decent back up SF and Kings are good. Isaiah Thomas + JT both make excellent back ups as well giving us mad depth for once. Kings MUST trade Thornton now.
Starting Pat Pat and Cousins is too redundant. Neither are bangers inside. JT needs to start just to add some versatility to the starting lineup.

I would keep Thornton and get rid of Tyreke. Since Thornton's arrival, Sac has played so much better when Tyreke is out or comes off the bench.

But what matters is how players fit with Malone's defensive system. I think in that case, they'll keep Tyreke since he's a great off-ball defender. Douglas and Isaiah should both be safe at the point. Meaning yeah, Thornton will probably have to go, unfortunately.

Unless Malone is a fan of moving Tyreke to the 3, then Thornton can stay. But if Malone is smart, he brings Tyreke off the bench to bring energy/tempo and starts McLemore right away to develop into the god he can be. I think w/ Douglas, Salmons, Tyreke, and Isaiah, the perimeter D for the Kings is pretty well set. McLemore can be the designated scorer.

So sick of ppl overlooking Isaiah. Dude's PER was 16th best among PGs, higher than Jrue's and Lillard's (yeah, **** me, I value PER). He can slash with the best of them, create his own shot, is a solid defender both on- and off-ball, and got a personal handshake+praise from Jerry West after he helped the Kings beat GSW. Is he a great passer and can offenses run through him? No. Not at the moment at least. But he just completed his 2nd year. Give him time. Plus he plays w/ ball hogs all day. The system and roster didn't exactly fit him either. Though I honestly think a lot of it was Keith Smart. Smart had a good relationship w/ him and knew how to motivate him. Not sure how it'll be w/ Malone.

Anyway, I think their priorities in FA should be interior defense (Chuck is a beast at post D and boxing out, but just can't shot block...I'd love for them to keep Aldrich, which they may - seems like a poorman's Bogut, right up Malone's alley) and a shooter at the SF (really crossing fingers for Korver or Dorrell Wright), especially if they lose Thornton.

If I'm building around Malone's system, trade Thornton, and get Korver, I'm going:

Pat Pat
Toney Douglas

The bench's D is way better than the starters. Aldrich and Chuck can satisfy different needs in the middle, Tyreke can play passing lanes, and Douglas can shut down almost any PG or small SG. Would have to rotate to have Aldrich/Chuck and Tyreke/Douglas come in late 2nd qtr and/or mid 4th qtr to help defend opponent starters during key stretches.

The key really is Tyreke's mentality. He's shown he's willing to come off the bench before. But is he willing to not force so many low % shots?
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