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Default Re: Kings aggressively trying to move up in the draft. Hoping to get McLemore

Originally Posted by andremiller07
JT is soft imo he's no banger plus JT seems to always rip it up when Cousins is not in the game he seemed to thrive when Cuz was in foul trouble or suspended. Patterson gives us more spacing on offense and is a higher IQ player which is what we need out there with Cousins.
yeah, in all honesty, as deep and talented as the bigs are (I'm a big Pat Pat fan as well), they just don't complement each other very well on the court, at least not at the point they're at now in their development. You're right, even JT sometimes resorts to shooting J's and definitely isn't a dominant presence inside consistently. All 4 (or 5 if Aldrich stays) bigs are really good at something, multiple things, but none are the prototypical big man, even by today's more perimeter-oriented game w/ stretch bigs and smaller lineups. *sigh* if only Chuck Hayes was like 5" taller...

Cousins has the post moves, hell, he's got all the moves. But he needs to build some more muscle mass and maybe somehow jump an inch or 2 higher or something to become more of an inside presence on both ends of the floor. But at his point now, a Bogut/Gortat/Lopez type would be the perfect complementary piece, imo, for Cousins. I think Aldrich as the potential to be that type. But w/ JT and Pat Pat ahead of him, it'd be too hard for him to develop.
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