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Originally Posted by treadster
a hard day to be a bobcats fan

... are you on board with me and ukballer thinking letting Noel slip away was a bonehead move by front office management?

I mean think about it: there's certainly that consistent all-star perhaps even "superstar" potential in Nerlens Noel ... and we passed that up for someone primarily based on the fact he's a seven-footer. I'm just not understanding the logic behind such a high draft pick.

If this were a # 8 - 12 pick, and Cody Zeller is still on the board, OK I can see the logic; after all, one of our biggest weaknesses right now is not having a legit center. The Zeller pick fills that void, but with a Top 5 pick, you have to be thinking about a caliber player with at least "some" superstar potential!

Dwayne Wade was selected at what # 5 right? Yes, I realize the 2004 NBA Draft was a special draft class, but come on, if you could only name one single player in this year's draft that had "superstar potential" written all over them, wouldn't it be Nerlens Noel? It's sure as hell NOT Cody Zellar.

I mean the ultimate nightmare is this Nerlens Noel dude advances let's say 3-5 years into the league, and he makes the 76ers (or whoever he's playing for) a title contender. Is this likely, I'd say no, not just him being a single player having that high of an impact, but it's certainly within the realm of being a possibility. Anything well beyond the "potential" of a single player named Cody Zeller. At best, Cody Zeller makes a couple all-star appearances within his career; mainly by default for obvious reasons.

Is Nerlens Noel the next Carmello Anthony, a more apples/oranges comparison in D.Wade or the next Chris Bosh, honestly, I doubt it, but honestly, it surely wouldn't surprise me if he did. If we as a franchise are going to take risks, we should damn sure be taking the ones that make the most sense. This was a Top 5 pick! I feel like it's Adam Morrison all over again, and the crazy thing is, Adam Morrison had way more hype around him than this Cody Zeller kid!

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