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Default Re: Kings aggressively trying to move up in the draft. Hoping to get McLemore

Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
. I think Aldrich as the potential to be that type. But w/ JT and Pat Pat ahead of him, it'd be too hard for him to develop.

I really liked what I seen from Aldrich last season, but if the coaches put PPat out there with Cousins that might force Cousins to play inside and go battle for offensive rebounds (which he's elite at), all I want Is for DMC to play near the bucket and he's far more likely to do that with Patterson who shoots 90% of the time on his bucket attempts, where as JT is like 50/50 and clogs the paint a bit more.

Problem with JT is he's a horrible passer and can't really play up high while Cousins can meaning he's further away from the rim constantly. Patterson has excellent passing/IQ he always makes the right play. Patterson when he came into games last season the ball movement was WAY more fluid.

But yeah your right its strange we are fairly deep on the frontline and yet we don't have a perfect match. I really hope we can package one of the bigs and one of the smalls (Jimmer/Thornton) for something nice.

Chuck Hayes was like 5" taller...
Marc Gasol 2.0

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