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It just sickens me when franchises in general seemingly accept mediocrity. It's why I dislike the Milwaukee Bucks so much, just as an example. Meaning no disrespect to the city or the franchise, but they're not a big draw when it comes to free agency targets. Yet instead of building through the draft, they sign mid-level talent to higher level contracts (S-Jax, Maggette, Jefferson, Monta are instantly names that come to mind), and just sit on the outside, or just inside the playoff spots, never any better. I'm not condoning tanking, but they rarely move out of their comfort zone. I know Charlotte is a different situation, but I'm talking more mediocrity in general.

We were all pissed when we 'only' got the #4 pick. Never in our right mind did we think Noel would slip to us, and even McLemore or Len until a few weeks ago. As mentioned elsewhere by someone here I think, Zeller is the 'safe' option. I don't see all-star games in his future, in fact I just see a solid role player in the making. Where's the upside? But I don't understand why the Bobcats of all franchises would not take a chance on drafting Noel based on the potential being touted around. If it doesn't work out in regards to Noel becoming an all-star, I'm sure Noel will still be an impact player at least defensively. I don't see what makes Zeller the more attractive option over Noel, even with Noel barely out of crutches.

This kind of unwillingness for a lowly franchise to take an opportunity like this when it falls right into their lap will only hold them back throughout the years.

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