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Default Re: ESPN's Jeff Goodman: If Rondo is the new Celtics leader, they're in major trouble

Gimme Jackie Mac over this dick anyday.

Avery Bradley said it was Rondo, not the seasoned veterans, who checked on him regularly during his rookie season to make sure he was eating right, had the transportation he needed or had someone to talk to when he was feeling lonely or overwhelmed.

Bradley was devastated when he sent to the NBA Developmental League in January 2011. "I felt like it was a punishment almost," he said.

It was Rondo who stopped by Bradley's apartment and stressed the move was a chance for him to play and improve, and Rondo who made arrangements to watch Bradley play in Maine before a last-minute change to a Celtics practice scuttled the plans.

"He is the most underappreciated leader in this league," Dooling declared. "Do you know how many times we were at the Rondo family home [last season]? We were there all the time, bonding, building team chemistry.

"Honestly, our veterans didn't do a very good job of supporting him in his [leadership] role."

"He's such an incredible teammate," Daniels said. "And he gets such a bad rap."

"It's time for people to recognize how much Rondo means, not only to this great franchise, but to this great sports town," Dooling said. "It's time they got to know the Rajon Rondo we've all been embracing for some time now."

All that said: we aren't going anywhere with a Rondo/Green team.
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