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Default Re: Aaron Hernandez involved in a murder case

Originally Posted by tpols
Damn you'd be just as dumb as him then too. Like a guy facing life in prison isn't going to rat on this guy? Not like hernandez is Nicky Barnes or some high up boss who will easily get an underling to kill you for snitching.. And even if he was I'd take my chances with them than a guaranteed life sentence. How can you not snitch on a dumbass like this?

People have ratted on big bosses without getting killed. I just find it funny that people involve themselves in criminal activities knowing the full consequences of their actions. Yet when they face those consequences squeal like a pig.

Am I surprised that Aaron buddy or buddies will snitch? No. I'm just saying if I was in his shoes I'd be pissed that they quickly jumped ship given all the dirt we've done together. You dont want to face life in prison? You shouldnt have traveled to my crib with the gun and be apart of me murdering someone. you knew what was going down, you were down with it. Probably instigated it.

Aaron buddies werent young, manipulated males who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or intimidated in being apart of a criminal activity. They were down with what was going on. Yet you want to turn around and snitch?

I wont do life in prison so I'll snitch and just do 30. You do the crime you do the time together. Thats why I said I'd be pissed if I was Hernandez.
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