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Originally Posted by el gringos
No way they drafted a potential starter. They drafted an eventual replacement for James white. They both have to play if they can't get jr back.

Just don't think he was anywhere close to bpa and even if you were going sg I'd prefer quite a few other 2's. Archie Goodwin, Franklin, crabbe

Hardaway jr is a guy that can only play 1 position and isn't a creator and not an elite athlete. Not a total loss though, prob a good guy for the 9-12 spots on the roster

Just a bad draft night to pick up a backup type to your only young talented guy in shumpert. The team needed another young potential part of the core. Super safe pick - should have taken a gamble on higher ceiling talent.

Should have taken nedovic or Goodwin. Both on the board and capable of being the future pg of the Knicks.
I dont really disagree with anything you are saying. Every dude you mentioned probably have a bigger upside.

But I think all of those guys are projects. Goodwin and Franklin arent the shooters Hardaway is and Crabb isnt as good off the ball shooting as Hardaway. So I think it was based on immediate impact player that doesnt require as much coaching and development. I think that's a major factor.

Originally Posted by franchize
Goodwin is a SG
Dont all of these guys project to be SG.

I dont like that this might potentially move Shump to SF. Let this guy flourish at SG stop taking square pegs for round holes.

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