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Originally Posted by franchize
The literally traded absolutely nothing. The Celtics are idiots lol. Even as far as the picks high will they really be when you just assured the team you got them from that they won't be in the lottery lol.

If the Knicks are still speaking the same ole bullshit, Grunwald AND Woodson need to go. If the Finals + last nights moves didn't make you say "damn this roster aint gonna cut it", then you clearly aren't committed to winning.
I totally disagree.... The Nets are taking on MONSTER salary, giving up an expirer I think the other pieces the Nets are signing are probably for 1 year to make it work, plus giving up 3 1st (Atlanta has the right to swap for the next 2 years). Plus 3 unmovable Salary pieces. Now they just have 1 unmovable contract but with so many draft picks anything is possible. The Celtics will have their own tanking picks plus the Nets picks. Thats a lot of ammunition.

The kicker to me is Boston can turn this around after next season its not like they are left with nothing on the court. The best thing they should do is dump Rondo to make the tanking better.

1. Rajon Rondo
2. Avery Bradley
3. Lamont Jones
1. Courtney Lee
2. Jordan Crawford
3. MarShon Brooks
4. Terrence Williams
1. Jeff Green
2. Gerald Wallace
3. Keith Bogans
4. Kris Joseph
1. Brandon Bass
2. Kris Humphries
3. Jared Sullinger
4. Fab Melo
5. D.J. White
6. Shavlik Randolph
1. Kelly Olynyk
2. Chris Wilcox
3. Colton Iverson
4. Phil Pressey

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