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Default Re: If you were the Raps GM...

You guys mention getting rid of players, but for what?

As witnessed yesterday, picks in next year's draft are too expensive.

For example, I would move DD & pieces to try and get Bledsoe and Butler.

Try and move Lowry and Fields/Kleiza for a Jazz PF.

Amnesty Bargs for FA's (Reddick, Landry, Tyreke, Collison).

See if Myck Kabongo is a suitable 3rd string PG.

I have no issue in tanking if the opportunity presents itself to do so. But for argument's sake, what moves WOULD you do IF you were to piece together a competitive team?

Also, what price would you pay to trade away Bargs to keep the amnesty for Kleiza? Do you just keep Kleiza's expiring contract?

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