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Default Re: If you were the Raps GM...

Originally Posted by clipse
You guys mention getting rid of players, but for what?

As witnessed yesterday, picks in next year's draft are too expensive.

For example, I would move DD & pieces to try and get Bledsoe and Butler.

Try and move Lowry and Fields/Kleiza for a Jazz PF.

Amnesty Bargs for FA's (Reddick, Landry, Tyreke, Collison).

See if Myck Kabongo is a suitable 3rd string PG.

I have no issue in tanking if the opportunity presents itself to do so. But for argument's sake, what moves WOULD you do IF you were to piece together a competitive team?

Also, what price would you pay to trade away Bargs to keep the amnesty for Kleiza? Do you just keep Kleiza's expiring contract?

You don't need anything back. The worst place to be in the NBA is 8th, where you get destroyed by every the first place team every year.

Whats worse about it is that they've got to hold onto Demar, Fields, and Gay for long term contracts, so now you're stuck in this 7-10th place hole which isn't possible to get out of unless you have a star. Stars don't come around too often when you're in the league.

Trade everyone, turn into the Celtics or 76ers. Then come out of next years draft with Wiggins or Parker.

This is a star driven league, its time the Raptors got one.
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