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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

Originally Posted by Twiens
Nice call. I'll admit I didn't see this one coming. I just assumed with Tristan Thompson making such a massive improvement in the last year and with this draft having what seemed like a cluster of guys at the top, the Cavs would steer clear of drafting another power forward.

It's funny... This is the third straight draft -- with the exception of Kyrie -- that they took a guy who I really didn't even look at very closely.

I think one of the main reasons the Cavs decided on Bennett was his ability in the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop game with Kyrie and Dion. One thing is for sure... It looks like the Cavs remedied their lack of outside shooting last night. Karasev was arguably the best shooter in the draft and Bennett can step out beyond the arc and hit jumpers.

That will definitely cure some of the spacing problems which cropped up last year and give our guards more lanes to drive. I'll be very interested to see how they use Bennett and Thompson together. Should be an interesting lineup.
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