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Originally Posted by franchize
Depends on if a team will give him a legitimate shot. If they will, it's a good pickup. If not, it's a waste. The talent is there though. He never really got the buzz because he had to transfer. He had some family health issues. He averaged 22 ppg though.

As for those draft picks, last night proved that teams at the top really don't value draft picks anymore. If you really want a pick, you can get one. Teams were drafting 1st rounders and trading them for 2nd round players. Teams were trying to trade picks for cash. Indiana didn't even want it's pick. They were trying to trade Gerald Green AND their pick for Jimmer Fredette
Because this was a terrible draft and some teams were trying to get under the cap for Dwight CP3 etc... That you are specifically speaking of.

Its all about 2014 bro. Even with that said they have chips to make things happen for the next few years.

I dont have any qualms about any player the Knicks bring in because the Knicks dont have a roster with no room to add anything of substance.

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