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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
Hey, I was almost right about one of those big 3 falling to us. Damn Kings!

Still, I"m pumped about the Pope pick. We needed some length,athleticism and shooting from the 2 and the 3. Pope takes care of one of those spots. He's a great fit to grow with Drummond and Monroe. PG will be easier to find in FA or via trade. I'm all about Teague or Jennings, but I'd be ok with Calderon too.

My ideal offseason is one of those guys plus Webster and a backup C like Pachulia.

I really don't want Calderon back. If we signed Jennings that would be awesome. I'm not sure that he would come to Detroit though. He seems like he wants to go to a bigger market. The tough part with that is those teams don't have as much cap room. I could see him teaming up with Dwight Howard in Dallas though.

I'll pass on Webster. There's no sense in getting mediocre guys. I'm so scared we're building a team that could end up with the #7 or #8 seed in the playoffs. That's about the worst possible place a NBA team can be at. We'd be stuck with no money to go after a FA to get better, and we wouldn't even have a first round pick next year...... the Pistons would be stuck in mediocrity.

I feel like Joe D has a trade he's trying to make. I would think the teams in our division wouldn't want to give us Deng or Granger. I really like Granger but the guy hasn't played a full season for as long as I can remember. He's getting to the age that you can't pay him big money with his injury history either. Pierce was already traded so that's not happening. Chicago really isn't shopping Deng like the media tries to lead us on to believe as well. I think Chicago really wants to make a run at the title next year so there's a good chance they hold onto him. I think Indiana has the same hopes too, so they might keep Granger and limit his minutes. SF is going to be an extremely difficult position to figure out. I'm out of ideas now. It doesn't help that next year we could be in the toughest division. Chicago and Indiana are going to be very good. Cleveland has a nice young core and they look like they'll end up with a few decent FA's too. I'd almost rather not sign anybody and just let our rookies develop.
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