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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Draymond Green had solid success playing SF off the bench this year and in terms of talent/athletic ability he's not 1/10 of Bennett, physically it won't be as bad as people are making it out to be for Bennett to guards SF's, he's got a massive wingspan and good strength so he can sag back a bit. I have not watched Bennett enough to know if he's got good defensive instincts like Green which might hurt him.

While due to him being more of a tweener he will probably never be a good defender but if he "wants" to defend he won't be terrible it will come down to desire.
From what I've watched/read, his problems defensively were more about effort than ability. He just looks like he has no desire to play that end of the floor the majority of the time. Like I said, I guess Mike Brown feels like he can teach any young player how to play defense. You'd think a defensive-minded coach would target a guy who shows beastly characteristics on the defensive end of the floor, but it actually seems like the opposite.

He's so confident in his ability to teach guys on that end, he focuses more on the other side of the floor. Very similar to when he pushed for JJ Hickson, who was also said to have questionable traits defensively.

I do think he will be a PF the majority of the time, though. According to everything I'm hearing, Bennett wasn't chosen with the thought of him being the eventual franchise player on the wing.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Coming off the bench?

I can't recall a 1st overall pick coming off the bench to start his career.

Bargnani came off the bench initially for Toronto. He was probably the last one not to start immediately. That's not the most comforting piece of trivia in the world.

Though, it really wouldn't have mattered much who they went with. The only "elite" guy in this draft who was likely to start immediately was Otto Porter Jr. None of the centers were going to start over Varejao and none of the guards were going to start over Irving/Waiters.
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