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Default Re: If you were the Raps GM...

You didnt really specify about cap issues or i.e. paying the luxury..but...

1) Bargnani and Kliza for Paul Gasou LA Lakers.

Pgas, Val, and Amir represent your 123 rotation of big men

2) Landry Fields, John Lucas and one of Demar (or Ross) for a true ball possession - distrubuting point guard. Absorb cap hit sign and trade if allowed.

CP3 for example. You then have CP3 / Lowry / Ross (or Derozan) playing you back court. Klow plays as many minutes as he does now off ball on the 2 when CP3 is 1... shifts over

3) Rudy Gay stays as is.

4) Alan Anderson back as is only now riding the pine. Aaron Grey as well.

5) Big 3 are Pgas CP3 and Gay.

6) Future 3 are Val / Ross (or DeRozan) / ?? Klow and or what ever other move you make in the future like trading Klow and an aging Gay for the first over all pick in 2017.

7) Your depth is your future 3 plus, Amir (extended), Alan Anderson Aaron Grey. You add a vetern swingmen (i.e. of the Ray Lewis variety) and another power big man (i.e. of the Carlos Boozer variety) - guys that come off big contracts and are willing to take a MLE to win a ring...

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