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Default Re: IYO, was that a relatively easy path to Championship?

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
Yea, it had nothing with LeBron's 2nd option being hurt and his 3rd one not showing up for the majority of the ECF and Finals. People don't understand the heavy lifting LeBron did for a lot of these playoffs. I was begging for Birdman over Bosh at points.

Credit to the tough defenses that they played, but LeBron had to carry a heavy load with a injured Wade who looked like a scrub at times (there were even a ton of threads on ISH saying he was done), a inconsistent Bosh who for the most part wasn't that great on offense in the playoffs, inconsistent 3 point shooters, and then a lack of bigs to guard players like Hibbert, West, and Duncan.

I'm not a LeBron stan, but he had to be Superman at times. He even said he had to be like Cleveland LeBron. The team found itself though when their backs were against the wall because he obviously can't do it alone, and they ultimately came together and won at the end. If LeBron doesn't have that 4th Q in game 6, they don't have a chance to tie the game with Allen's shot. LeBron could have been better in the Finals, but he put up big numbers when it mattered.
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