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Default Predictions: Better 13/14 season. Wolves or Cavs?

Both teams were thought to be near playoff teams this past season if they stayed healthy. Neither team did, and as a result, both missed out on the post season

Both teams will hopefully go into the 13/14 season relatively healthy and each of them should have a good chance of breaking into the top 8 of their respective conferences.

My question is, out of these two teams, which do you think will finish the regular season better?


Rubio/ JJ B (assuming ridnour is traded)
Still planning on drafting a FA SG(mayo?)/ Bazz / Shved
AK (assuming he opts in/ Budinger
Pek(looks promising)/Dieng

Coach: adleman


Acquiring a new SF? / Gee
Andy V/ Zeller

Coach: Brown

Both of these teams has all star potential, and will most likely make more off season moves. But from the way the rosters look at this point, who do you have your money on?
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