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Default Re: IYO, was that a relatively easy path to Championship?

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
agreed for sure What people should be worried about is if Wade actually goes into the next postseason somewhat healthy. If the Heat can win with Wade/Bosh not playing up to par, wait until Wade is healthy

If they had the Wade during the 27 game win streak, it would have been a relatively easy path to a championship (using people's words). I mean the Pacers took us to 7, but some of the games came down to the wire with Wade being awful. If they got super star Wade, it would have been a 5 game series at the most (they won when Wade was great). Just look at how good Miami was in game 4 and game 7 of the Finals. Plus game 5 and 7 of the ECF. Even though game 7 of the Finals was close, they don't win without Wade making his shots. The Spurs series might not have even gone to 7. Wade showed up when it mattered, but we can't rely on him to be our 2nd option because he's injury prone. Wade is my favorite player, but some players just can't stay healthy. When you have problems with your knees, you always will.

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