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Default Re: IYO, was that a relatively easy path to Championship?

Bulls - agreed

Celtics - they lost in 7 last year WITH Ray Allen and PP & Garnett being a year younger to a Heat team without Bosh for the first four games, and no Ray Allen or Birdman.

Pacers - agreed (but a fully healthy Granger at the start of the year would have stunted George's development - only real benefit would have been him to return in the playoffs as a 6th man)

OKC - Westbrook going down made it HARDER for the Heat as OKC had no chance with Westbrook anyway, and his injury led the way for a well coached Spurs to battle the Heat. They do not know how to play LeBron and they lost Harden in any case.

Lakers - UTTERLY irrelevant. They may have taken one game off the Spurs with Kobe, but they did not have a chance to get out of the West.

Spurs - I believe the report was that his hamstring may go any time, but he didn't seem that bothered out on the actual court. He just had a lot of trouble with LeBron, but was comfortably torching Cole and Chalmers

Denver - their whole ethos was a 'team' game. They wouldn't have made it out of the West - Karl was horribly exposed in the playoffs.

Only real legit argument you have is Bulls and Pacers, but injuries are a part of basketball. I highly doubt you were complaining when 1999 FMVP Tim Duncan was injured for the 2000 playoffs, Garnett was injured for the 2009 playoffs (best player on the Celtics in 2008), and Perkins was injured for the 2010 finals game 7 (and they had little presence in C with Rasheed Wallace having to start and Glen Davis getting some minutes there)... Lakers heavily outrebounded the Celtics with Gasol grabbing 18 rebounds...
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