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Default Re: IYO, was that a relatively easy path to Championship?

Originally Posted by chosen_one6
Really? So Danny Green, an actual NBA player that was playing against Wade, saying that D-Wade wasn't himself was just bullsh*t right?

Oh and D-Wade getting his knee drained before game 7 was just a lie right?

Kobe was drained(knee) in '10 after the Thunder series and was playing on one leg throughout the playoffs and in the Celtics/Finals series. No one was making excuses - he got it done. He then went ahead and played an entire season on one leg. Got swept by the eventual champs in the Mavs and considered retirement were not be for the grace of German medicine. FACT.

Lol at the excuses and the spin my god. Lebron is an overrated choker that will never be better than Kobe period. His stans just gotta get used to it and accept it. Needless to say, sniffing Top 15 atm.

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