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Default Re: 76ers like them Knees: New Orleans has traded Nerlens Noel to the 76ers

Originally Posted by GOBB
Yeah I'm warming up to the trade. I would have liked McLemore over Noel tho.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this trade.
I don't think we'd fill any needs taking on McLemore as we already have players similar to what he brings to the table (Young, Wright) and BM may just be a younger J-Rich clone.
What Nerlen Noel brings is something that compliments Hawes and anchors a defense. If he's anything similar to what Ratliff brought or has the same career output as Marcus Camby than we have something to work with. I'm willing to gamble on our odds for next year's draft. Even if we don't get top 2 there are players available at the 1-4 position that have great franchise potential.

I felt with Jru that was it. This is his ceiling. I dodn't feel his productivity or impact could get any better. He's one of those Ty Evans/Brandon Jennings type players who have positive stats but little impact. This will work out for both parties.

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