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Default Pierce Garnett to Nets...

... for draft picks and pieces like Wallace and former Raptors Humph and Reggie Evans.

Mind you coached by Kidd ! See how that works out.

I think the Titanic er Atlantic just got rearranged.

1) Nets "big 5" Pierce Garnett Johnson Brooks and Felton

2) Knicks "big 3" Melo Thomas Amare

3) Raptors

4) Celtics or Philly

5) Celtics or Philly

The Celtics unwinding is obvious.

The 76ers are practically driving Bynum away with a long term rebuild; I cannto see Bynum coming to the table for that regardless of Bird rights and money.

Bynum FA becomes the big man move of the year making Bargnani a less serious choice in a trade deal.

Safe to assume that the Knicks will respond for something a PG.

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