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Originally Posted by Rose
Chad Ford really hit the nail on the head.

"Analysis: The Bulls really wanted a swingman and selected Snell, a workout wonder. Because Reggie Bullock, Allen Crabbe and Tim Hardaway Jr. were on the board, all three of whom have better track records, I was a little surprised that Snell was the pick. He might have more upside, but his lack of consistency on both ends is concerning. The Bulls filled a need, but I don't think they got the best guy to do it."

It's not a bad pick, just more of a why? type thing.

Chad Ford shouldn't be writing about consistency. Snell is one of the more consistent players in the draft. If he has one quality that anyone can clearly point out, it is his consistency.

Anyhow, I linked to my full report on Snell earlier in the post.
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