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Default Re: The Anthony Bennett Bandwagon Thread...Sign up at the door

Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
Oh shhiiiiiit that lineup looks sick as fuuukkkkk....

Oh nevermind, Bennett is not a small forward and Varejao is not a starting Center in this league.

You're right, yet somehow Miami beat San Antonio with Bosh at centre and Mike Miller at the 4, or was it Bron 4 with Miller at the 3?

Why don't you take your dumb ass rhymes and f*ck off back to Akron with your 1992 version of what a team should look like.

"He's not a true four or a true three, WTF WE GUNNA DO!?!?!?!?"

You dumbass, its 2013, you need athletes, shooters and rebounders to win in the NBA.

traditional positons...

Stick to wack rhymes over lames ass beats and don't come crawlin back when the Cavs are ballin
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