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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
If we can sign a star or two, so be it. You have to remember though, we have to spend 90% of the cap and we're like 20 million, minimum, under the cap. We have to spend on someone. Might as well sign up a starting caliber SF like Webster(as we arguably have no SF on the roster right now) for the short term if we have to spend the money anyways. Guys like him will come off the cap as we are looking to extend Monroe,Drummond and co.(maybe Knight/KCP etc.)

I understand preferring a younger guy like Jennings I guess, but at the same time Calderon is such a far superior player. One of the most efficient players of all time actually. Lead the league in 3 point shooting last year and is always good for a 110 O rating at the least. Plus assist man, low turnovers and he won't demand a huge contract in terms of dollars or years. No idea why you'd have zero interest in him. Pairs well with Knight and Pope too, as Knight can come in at the point and give us a little better D and scoring when we want a different look.

The Wizards really struggled at SF. That's why they took Otto Porter. Pretty much every mock draft even said how weak that position was for them. Webster is hardly a star. He shouldn't even be a starter in the NBA. He's really more of a tweener too (SG/SF). I don't want to overpay him. He's not even a top 50 free agent.

As for the Calderon thing, he just doesn't play defense. He is an efficient offensive player. There's a reason a team like Toronto traded him though. I actually think he fits better in Dallas anyhow. I don't see them winning a championship with him, and I don't see us winning a championship with him.

If we look at the top FA players CP3 and Howard aren't coming to Detroit. Then you have Josh Smith. I don't see us signing him because we have Monroe and Drummond. There's no need for a PF like him on our team. Very good player but not the position of need. Everybody talks about Iguodala. We don't need a SG anymore. We just drafted one. He's not a SF. He's not going to be able to guard Lebron, Melo, George, Deng, etc. Going out there with a lineup of him, Stuckey/KCP, & Knight wouldn't be enough to compete. Tyreke Evans doesn't make that much sense either. He's more of a tweener PG/SG. Again we just drafted KCP and we have Knight. We could move Knight to the bench or trade him. I'm not sure he's really the PG of the future anyway. If they sign a big time PG like Jennings that will speak volumes of how the front office really feels about him. Anyway, if you look at the top FA's I just don't see anyone who's a great fit. This is a horrible year for us to have extra money based on the needs we have. I don't see a half way decent SF until you look way down the lists to Marvin Williams or Shawn Marion (who Dallas would love to trade). Those aren't the types of players I really want to invest in. Who are the stars that you want to sign? I think we're better off with a couple of one year contracts. Or if there's a blockbuster trade that could be made, but I just don't see anyone who's really available that helps us get back to where we were.
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