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Originally Posted by Go Getter
Again, how will ne not fit?

Idk if all three have better track records, Tim Hardaway was wildly inconsistent at times, and I figure Snell was the best that they worked out. Leading college in pull up J percentage is not anything ot sneeze at and we need shooting. Pow.

plus, he has Pippen-like this system, if he works on his body, he can be a Leonard type guy with range. Sounds good to me and makes Deng expendable so we can get a 2, 4, or backup 5.
He has a reputation of being lazy. It's a team of hard workers, he's got the wingspan and maybe he'll have the body to be a good defender, but right now he's not. Does he fill a need? Sure. He's a solid shooter, has a nice ball IQ with his ability to score off screens. He's a good passer, and has some tools. He's a fit for the time of player we need, sure. But a Thibs player? he's got a ways to go most likely. That's why I don't think he's a fit.

But is he as good at shooting as Bullock? No.
Does he have the scoring ability of Hardaway? no.
Scoring/shooting ability of Crabbe? no.
or hell if you want to talk defense: defense of Franklin? Not even close.

I don't think the pick was bad, just kinda shocking. I get that he can be better than all the guys taken over him, there's just guys that were on the board that are already better at doing things that are needed. He's got the best ceiling of the guys that were still on the board, but he'll also have the most work to do compared to other guys.

I think he can get there, because for a lazy guy this is the right team to be on, Noah, Thibs, Taj, Kirk, Jimmy are all gonna be on his ass to make hustle plays. But there's lots of lazy players that don't make it.

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Chad Ford shouldn't be writing about consistency. Snell is one of the more consistent players in the draft. If he has one quality that anyone can clearly point out, it is his consistency.

Anyhow, I linked to my full report on Snell earlier in the post.
Let me start off by saying I enjoyed your article and thought it was a solid one.

But the guy has a reputation not just with ESPN, but the draftexpress article I linked and (lol). Here's an SI one

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