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Default Interesting Olynyk Tidbit

The entire podcast was fascinating for me, but I wanted to share this with Boston fans. Skip ahead to 9:07. You might change your tune about Olynyk, you might not care, you might hate the pick even more. But it's worth a listen/watch:

The Jazz put Kelly Olynyk through a workout... The guards do something called "The Jazz 100": It's a hundred three-point shots in a short period of time, taking ten from ten different spots in ten different manners on the floor, so some can be coming off a pick and roll, some can be spot-ups where it's kick out to you... For the big guys, they have them do a drill where they take [18-footers]... However, with Kelly Olynyk, the Jazz... had him take threes... [Olynyk told me] no other team had him take more than five threes by the time he had come to Salt Lake City. His next spot, by the way, leaving Salt Lake was to go to Boston... In the workout for the Jazz, Olynyk hits, I think it was, 63 of 100 threes which was like the second-most amount of threes that anyone hit.

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