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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I'm gonna do a pick by pick analysis over the weekend.

As a guy who even liked Zeller, I can't believe he went 4. Especially with what was on the board.

Yeah, there were better players on the board (Noel & Len in particular), but I think it was a decent move, he'll fit in well with Kemba, MKG, Biyombo & (assuming he returns) Henderson. I think MJ gets underrated as a drafter because of Kwame and Ammo. Kemba and MKG were very good picks, and Biyombo is looking like a huge gamble that will pay-off.

Still can't believe Cleveland took Bennett, personally I would've take Olidipo or Porter, even Noel all look like better fits. I'll reserve judgement though, because I thought D-Wait was a terrible pick (I liked TT though).
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