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Default Re: So now they're talking about extending Deng's contract? WTF?

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
What's the right price in your opinion?

And how realistic do you think it is that Luol takes less money to stay here?

The right price is; let him have his contract year, see how well he rises to the occasion and separates himself from Butler. I wouldn't touch his contract until after the trade deadline(for multiple reasons), but I would lead him on and make him feel like we're working for him until then.

If he somehow finds an extra gear because of the contract year, obviously he'll be worth more. If he doesn't perform, the result hurts a bunch for him, that works towards our advantage.

And no, I wont give a dollar estimate here, because this is a situation where his value can change drastically based on one season and being 29 years old(or a few weeks from it) when negotiations start. If this was a video game, I would want to lock him up for cheap, that's video game mentality. Too bad that would be the worst way to look at reality.

If Luol raises his value, that likely means we made the NBA Finals, then who is going to complain about bringing him back? If Luol screws up his opportunity, then we could be looking at a very nice drop in market value. Especially when teams with cap space now, are shooting for the stars(and will also put a damper on 2014). We're looking at a a high of 12m/y as a high market value, to a low of him being a potential MLE signing at ~6m/y. So anything in between is fair game, and that is a pretty wide margin IMO. I don't think a guy who has his face printed on money, will be after a massive contract(he WILL take a discount to win and be in the right situation.)
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