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I actually think it was an excellent pick. With Kemba, Hendo (hopefully), MKG and Bismack as the starters, he's the only guy available that would fit with this group.

Personally I think Len, Noel and McLemore are very overrated prospects. Len is a good scorer and pretty bad at everything else, Noel is a good shot-blocker, from what I saw he wasn't an amazing defender, he was just good & I really don't get all the hype around McLemore, he seems like a good 2/3 option or 6th man at BEST and I don't see his floor being too high.

Given what we KNOW about Zeller; He can rebound, score from the post, step out and hit 10-12 footers, run the floor and play above-average D- I'd say he was the best available option.
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