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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I like Jackson too, and in fact think there's a lot of guys who can stick in the league as backup PGs floating around in the second round. Jackson, Pressey, Wolcott for his shooting if nothing else.

My extra deep sleeper would be Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas. The guy is a seive defensively, and I know he's not a great rebounder, but he played better in those respects late in the season when they asked him to play some center. And while he's a good but not great athlete, I do know one thing, he can get the ball in the bucket. He's got a great jab series type game, and I could see him as like a perhaps homeless man's version of Paul Pierce or Carmello Anthony, and you could use him to run offense through with a bench unit. He may not get an opportunity. He's not even in a lot of mocks.

Well he's gone to the Spurs, so expect his defensive liabilities to be hidden and his wet as fukkk jumper to be in the spotlight. Bigger version of Gary Neal.
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