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Originally Posted by Rose
Let me start off by saying I enjoyed your article and thought it was a solid one.

But the guy has a reputation not just with ESPN, but the draftexpress article I linked and (lol). Here's an SI one

Thanks for the kind words. But I'm not backing down. Tony Snell is very consistent. The issue is scouting a multiple position player who faces multiple matchups on consistency. And for all of the roles Snell played, he was very consistent. Maybe I can get you on my side here, and point out one issue with these armchair scouts(yes, I'm one too ), they try to set up a baseline criteria by position, and not the challenges they have faced. When you want to measure consistency for a player that shifts from guard to forward(IMO the biggest gap in player roles), you have to follow progression from year to year, and how they adjust from first meetings to second meetings within their conference. What's amazing, is Snell was going from easy matchups to part-time matchups against the #1 pick in Bennett(3 times in his final year), and Snell was able to play his roles in all situations, as well as find room for elevation. The way he progressed shows his trend-lines moving normal as far as production, to steadily increasing in the last month of the year. Also factor in that he is not good at creating his own shots on offense, so if his teammates aren't finding him open, he's forcing a lot of shots.

Snell went on to land pre-draft workouts with a few teams, and was called back for each one. All of which, his results were consistent with his initial workout. We know his shooting is consistent, his footwork is consistent, and everything he does within the roles he has been asked of to be consistent, then I would think that makes him consistent. And when his box-score numbers aren't consistent, you can track most of his struggles within the matchups. He isn't perfect as far as being consistent, but in this draft, he is one of the most consistent players. Our issue is developing him so he has a broader set of skills, which will give him better options on the court.

Something I should have added to the article. New Mexico also had distracted coaches. Alford(whom deserves a shot at UCLA) was targeted by bigger programs all year. The guy they replaced him with, Craig Neal, was their big x-o's guy, Craig Neal, schemes a lot of baseline style offense. However, Alford was still the playcaller in the Snell's first two seasons and he was a big swing-style offense play caller. That is a big change for any player to deal with. I think Snell did a pretty good job of it, mainly because the baseline style requires pieces that New Mexico did not have.
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