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Default Re: Anthony Bennett is Jared Sullinger 2.0

People outside of Boston don't realize how good Jared will be. Within a couple months he was getting double doubles. Literally improving game by game. He was bostons best rebounder. Boston fans were rooting for sullinger to take bass' starting position. Then he went under the knife. Looks like he is recovering really well an it's a permanent fix surgery too. Sullinger was a steal for Boston last year. Garnett said he was a really high iq player. Casual fans don't know this but KG doesn't call you by your name he calls you "rookie". For kg to give him praise means something. Sullinger is strong, good FT shooter, rebounder, can score back to the basket and straight up, high IQ and is going to be a double double machine. Worst case scenario in my opinion is a more offensive capable jj hickson.
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