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Default Re: So now they're talking about extending Deng's contract? WTF?

Originally Posted by poido123
If we are to keep Deng, Im worried that we resign him for 8 mill+ a year, a player who may start to fall off over the next year or two. The other problem is that the development of Butler may be stunted if Deng stays at SF, which IMO is Butler's best position. Butler defended Lebron very well in the finals, something Deng hasn't done so well in the past.

Then you have to look at capspace. Do we want to lock up money in a player we essentially already have in Butler? Missing out on opportunities to sign players for our specific needs? Or capspace to sign a player who could really help us be certain contenders?

Its not the end of the world if we do sign him, but like Crystallas has mentioned, Id wait til the trade deadline midseason at least before I would start signing him up.
Deng's game in theory should translate well into mid/late 30s. He's not athleticism based, isn't a consistent cutter , and generally keeps himself in pretty good shape. He's got that sweet midrange game, and that corner 3 ability should stay as well. I think the only concern is playing him 45 minutes a game is going to eventually wear him down sooner rather than later. (late 80's celtics for example)

As far depending LeBron that's kinda like tomatoe or tomato. No one's ever consistently doing it because he's too good in today's NBA rules. Deng had that nice 4th quarter in the first or second time the two teams met this year where he just absolutely shut him down, unfortunately he sacrificed every damn bit of his offensive game to do it but yeah.

Really think whether he stays or goes depends on how much he's willing to sacrifice to do it.
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