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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Webster was a 6 win player last year(ahead of Iguodala, who would cost twice as much) and is 6'7 210-220. He's most definitely a SF and a starting caliber player. He's far from a star, but he's a good 3 and D type and wont' require a huge or long term contract. I think he's exactly what we need at the 3 and there aren't better options out there if you ask me, not at the SF position. No thanks on Marvin Williams.

Again, we have to spend money this year and I think we either need to go long term, big money on potential stars or short term, mid level money on guys like Webster,Pachulia, Calderon etc.

Calderon doesn't D, but his O most certainly outweighs that. He is a career 119 O rating player and a career 111 D rating player. A plus 8 per 100 possessions is pretty phenomenal, no matter how you do it.
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