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Default How far the Nets can go will depend on our summer FA Signings

People quickly forgot how the Celtics big three were suffering from the same problem as the current Nets team when Ainge put them together. I mean, the lack of backup players and young players. Reality is, you cant build a champion team with just one move like that. With a rosters of so many open spots, you will need to sign a series of FAs intelligently to fill in the void. The Celtics set a very good example on how to accomplish that, and in fact they actually had one of the best benches in the league.

So what does this imply? I aint gonna say how far we will go in playoffs next season, it will depend a lot on how we do in FA market. Some people say we are instant title contenders, others say we are going to be another 1st/2nd round exit. I aint buying either of these until FA signings are all over, or at least the big fish are gone.

I hope the Nets will make good use of the core to attract players capable of playing off the bench. I'd like to see another veteran player like Kirilenko or Korver, but hey we need young blood too or the lack of speed/athleticism will be exposed soon. Id personally prefer keeping Marshon over Evans, as we can quickly get Kenyon Martin to play the backup PF if Evans is gone. Can we get a Marshon-caliber backup SG? I dunno.

Anyway, we will need to make smart decisions on FA, the likes of Jason Collins aint gonna help us anything at all. Truth be told, Jason Collins at this stage aint even half the man Mason Plumlee is. Perhaps he can be a good defensive assistant coach, but as a player it will be sad to see him taking over Plumlee's minutes since he really does not deserve one second even in garbage time.

Guess I've said enough. I do not want to ruin the mood, but lets be realistic. You do not build a team like Celtics big three with one single trade, nor do you destroy a team like LA Lakers so-called big four with one or two trades. The quality of our FA signings will determine our ceilings for the next 1-3 years.
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