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Default Miami Heat will string together a 4peat.....

I have no doubt in my mind that Miami will win 4 in a row because this is probably the weakest era in the NBA and they are loaded. I don't remember an era where players jump around from team to team. Superstars are joining each other which will lead to less competition from the bottom but the main factor?...There just isn't enough great players in today's league.

The top players in the league (no order):


With that said, this is a weak group besides Lebron and Kobe.. Durant is going to be with OKC for the duration of his career. Kobe too, for the Lakers. The rest of these guys have been jumping from ship to ship. Besides Lebron, any team rebuilding would not want the others. Even a team that needs to get over hump, they can say with honesty, that they don't want the remaining players mentioned.

If money was no object, there wouldn't be a team that could be assembled today to beat Miami.

Just too many recycled so-called superstars in this league and the decline of front court players.

Very weak era.
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