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Default Re: Miami Heat will string together a 4peat.....

Originally Posted by tikay0
You're not beating Miami's TEAM defense with individual stars. You need great BALL MOVEMENT, and shooters to space the floor and keep that team honest.

You'd be well served with a big man that can score in the paint as well.

The perfect team was the Spurs, but they CHOKED.

I'm glad my Bulls got 2 shooters in this draft. I think they got the memo. 3pt. shooting is a must in this new league.

You are right with the 3 point shooting because this will space the floor more. At the same time you are asking your star player, Rose, to handle the ball more to get these guys' their shot.

Let's be honest, 3 point shooters are gimmick players. Look how limited Neal and Danny Green was when Miami's rotation was clicking. They were shut down.
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