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Default Re: Miami Heat will string together a 4peat.....

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
Compared to the Bulls, the Spurs are an exception because they have Duncan. I don't see anyone on the Bulls that can duplicate what Duncan did.

Not enough fire power to go around in today's league that will counter what Miami has going for them.

It's going to suck for awhile.

But the Bulls bring a different element that the Spurs don't have. Interior defense (Spurs have that), AND perimeter defense.

I feel like we had the perfect balance in the 11'-12' playoffs, but of course the ACL happened.

Bulls are the few teams that are ALWAYS gonna be competitive with the Heat because of our philosophy and coaching.

We just need the shooters to make it easier for us on the offensive side, and for Rose.

We're set. We just need the spark plug off the bench (Nate gone!), and 3pt. shooters.
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