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Default Re: Anybody ever join a frat?

Originally Posted by bmulls
The only people who call them frats are the people who think frat boys wear Abercrombie and Fitch and pooka shell necklaces. Nobody who is a part of greek life (in the SEC/Big 12 south anyway, I don't know about other places) would call their fraternity a frat.

Right. Those that are not in a fraternity though call it a frat.

Best thing about Texas A&M was the low greek life percentage (the corps is a frat basically, didn't join that shit either). My roommate got requested to bring red bull and DJ at a party once. I had no idea it was a rush party. I could not get those frat bros to stop bothering me about joining. Thanks for the free alcohol though.

Frat boys do all wear the same shit though...columbia/magellan fishing shirts all day every day and shorts that would make John Stockton feel embarrassed.

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