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Default Re: Eric Bledsoe to Toronto?

Doc Rivers had high praise for Derozan last year, so makes sense. Also, Clips are definitely in the market for a SG, there were rumors of Afflalo for Bledsoe. The Clippers can also use a stretch big off the bench.

As for the Raptors, I don't see Bledsoe as a starting PG for a good team. He is uber-athletic. Takes chances on defense, but is usually a bulldog (a good thing). The game that has to improve for him is offensively. Not much of a playmaker and has no shot whatsoever. Really inconsistent night to night. He's a guy you love to have coming off the bench for a change of pace. He can get to the rim against anybody as he's fast and explosive off the bounce. I wouldn't mind getting him if it meant Bargnani is gone (and Derozan going doesn't hurt either). This opens up playing time for Terrence Ross. Bledsoe can develop at an easier pace; and hopefully, this means we're looking at an actual rebuild. Valanciunas and Ross will actually get to play by not being blocked by other players (again, hopefully, cause you never know what Casey will do)...
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