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Default Re: Anybody ever join a frat?

Originally Posted by bmulls
The worst that ever happened to me was 20 pushups, and then during "hell week" they would wake us all up in the middle of the night banging pots and pans and blowing airhorns and have us recite history about the fraternity. They also had strict rules about brothers disrespecting pledges in front of girls and other stuff. For example you weren't allowed to order pledge pushups at parties with girls, or even refer to a pledge as a pledge. We treated them like brothers from day 1.

The torture, the gay stuff, that doesn't happen in the vast majority of chapters. I won't say it never does because I'll still hear a story every now and then.

Bottom line is hazing is a law suit nightmare. I know it was common at one point but the vast majority of fraternities don't do it anymore. If they do, it's an individual chapter going outside the rules. If they are caught doing it there are major fines and sanctions.

Schools and fraternities are trying to put a halt to hazing, and it has worked mostly, but there are still some pockets of it... and yes, it is a law suit nightmare these days.. I went to FAMU and they hazed like crazy at that school.. They even hazed on the marching band... Somebody died recently too from hazing and they are in deep sh*t over it..

My mom was the regional lead of a sorority and I used to get calls at the house from girls crying and warning her of incidents that had happened on nearby campuses.. She used to pull her hair out worrying about trying to stop the hazing and keep her chapter from getting kicked off campus or sued over some BS the females were doing..
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