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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

Great game, vastly overrated. No where near the scores it received from the critics. Overall, about a 93-94% game, not a ridiculous 97%.

- A ton of things were omitted that made San Andreas so much fun (for example working out etc.)
- The environment seemed dull
- The story did not intrigue me as much as Vice City or San Andreas
- I HATED the mechanics. The walking/running, aiming, shooting etc. is just very very mediocre
- The missions just were not very memorable to me, even that bank robbery got so much hype for nothing. It really wasn't all that great, in my opinion. I just expected more from a PS3 GTA...
- The graphics were pretty mediocre.

There are a few more things that prevented me from liking this game... but the list of things I liked about it is far greater. It's a great game, most certainly on my top 15 lists from the last 8 years...maybe even top 10, but San Andreas was probably my #1 game from the PS2 genre.
In retrospect, only maybe Vice City was an inferior game. I enjoyed GTA III (because of its originality) and San Andreas a lot more. Vice City and GTA 4 I always thought were overrated titles. Vice City had an amazing atmosphere (because of the location and an amazing soundtrack) and interesting characters; but didn't have nearly as much content as San Andreas and wasn't as engaging as GTA III because I just loved the whole "mafia" feel in GTA.

I guess the most important reason I find GTA 4 overrated is because I didn't feel like the city was alive enough/ I mean it was decent, especially later in the game in the downtown district area but everything seemed repetitive (people, missions, environment). I haven't played the game in 4 years so I don't remember it too well, but it's the only GTA 4 game that I've beaten ONLY twice. SA I beat probably 10 times...
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