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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I loved it the first time it was released. It was a great gaming experience. I loved exploring the city, playing through the story, everything.

However, after I completed the storyline, things seemed to dry up relatively quickly. The omissions I initially overlooked eventually became evident. It was a great and dense city, but "free" options felt limited. No planes, nothing but city stacked on city, no countryside, limited dressing options - just a general drop in random things found in previous titles that kept games like that fresh.

I have a hard time playing the game now. I re-started the storyline but I'm no longer engaged. It feels like there's this big world out there in the game, but it almost all just feels like art now. Like, there's an amusement park, but it can't be used. There's tons and tons of buildings, but only a fraction can be entered, and they almost all feel the same. The general sense of discovery and wonder seems a little limited in comparison to other sandbox games.

In contrast, Red Dead Redemption still has me going. And that's my hope for GTA V. The re-introduction of different environments should be big (i.e. not just dense city, but countryside, desert, boondocks, etc.). I like when I can get lost in games like this while doing things not at all related to story. In RDR, oftentimes it's hunting. It sounds like that'll be returning for FTA V, so that's a good sign.

Basically, GTA IV was great when it was all fresh, but it aged quickly for me.

Thanks for reminding me why I thought GTA 4 was overrated. Exactly my sentiments as well. RDR & SA >>> GTA 4.

By the way, I think GTA V will be the greatest game ever developed. I don't just mean on current gen. They listened to the fans and basically included everything we wanted GTA 4 to be plus more (Max Payne 3 shooting mechanics? )
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