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Default Re: Chicks with ex bf baggage

Originally Posted by Kaspah
It's pretty easy to say you're exerting too much energy and she is acting like a 16 year old.

I'm gonna blow your guys minds.

Life: guys do what they Can, girls do what they Want.

If she wanted you, it'd be sunshine n flowers bro, you'd know it. All this back n forth bs means her mind is fcked up, she doesn't know which way to go and she is subconsciously playing it safe by telling you both what you want to hear periodically in order to keep you guys around. Why wouldn't she? She's a girl she loves the attention.

There is no end all be all answer. It depends on who you are as a man and what you want.

A girl with baggage such as this requires tons of patience, and you can be sure that it will run you dry emotionally with all the ups and downs. Which is why I initially said you wasting too much energy. If she's special though, then you will have to continue this headache and ride it out until she completely phases her ex out of her life and replaces him with you. Until then, you're filling in gaps that he leaves open, things she needs but isn't getting from him. It's a gamble, but patience is the only offense.

Alternatively, if you rationalize the situation and figure out what she's doing isn't fair to you.. Then you should be looking past her and continue to meet new girls which requires much less energy, not at all emotionally stressful, and keeps you much more in control of your own happiness. As it stands now, the ball is in her court and in my opinion it isn't at all fair to you.

So it's a trade off and depends on if she's worth it to you. I feel like having so many obstacles before you guys are even together though, destroys the potential of a healthy strong relationship in the future.

Great post. I completely agree.

On another, fake boobs? Guys like fake boobs? (referring to OP's comment)
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